Added April 19th, 2001

Um, could she be any cuter? I'm thinkin' no...
I just got this postcard in the mail today. An invitation to join her fanclub.

Dido's album, No Angel is easily one of my most listened to and adored cd's of 1999.

I knew something strange was up when I bought the Dido album, the new Pet Shop Boys' album Nightlife, and the new Tori Amos album To Venus And Back within days of each other and found myself only wanting to listen to the Dido album over and over non-stop. Her beautiful, sometimes haunting voice coupled with the lilting melodies and often rather bitter lyrics had won me over.

The following photographs were taken by me at a tiny $5 concert here in St. Louis. There was hardly anyone there because I guess she was so unknown at the time. Her voice was just as perfect live as on the cd. She performed almost all of the songs from her album plus the new tracks "Don't Leave Home" and "Afraid To Sleep". I can't wait for her new material.

March 11, 2000, Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO

Sirens Of Song: A very cool, informative page dedicated to Dido and other wonderful chanteuses.

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